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To ensure the versatility and creativity of our collection, we’re now also featuring items that are machine-knitted alongside our hand-knitted pieces. Why? Not because machine work is faster or easier. But because knitting new pieces on a machine allows us to create new unique styles on top of our handmade ones. Some designs just demand a more refined or firm technique, something that’s not always possible by hand.

Slow fashion

VEST, the Belgian knitwear label by Veerle Stubbe, is a prime example of what happens when sustainability and creativity converge.

Our values


The VEST collection consists of hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans, shawls and beanies. The pieces are executed in feather-light mohair and merinowool. 


As a designer I want to offer an alternative to 'fast and cheap'. A matter of making choices and investing in beautiful sustainable pieces.

About VEST


Handmade in Belgium.

Support local, Belgian brands. Let's be proud to wear Belgian clothes!